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Getting started with Flare


See how to use most of Flare's main features. In approximately 30 minutes you'll be a Flare Cloud Accounting power user. This webinar does not include budgeting. Learn about Flare's budget feature here.


The webinar above provides a brief overview of commonly used Flare features. We recommend watching it from beginning to end once. You can then return and use the webinar chapters index links below to navigate to specific points in the video.

Getting started with Flare -  chapters index

Using Flare - Chapters cont'd

  1. Bank Reconciliation @ 24:38
  2. Dashboard Tour @ 28:00
  3. Account Balances Menu @ 29:24
  4. Financial Reports @ 30:48
  5. Invite Your Accountant @ 32:40
  6. Help & Support (end) @ 33:21
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