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Customer portal


A customer portal is created by the Flare system automatically when you email notifications from the Sales area ("Sales" in Flare's main menu). A portal is created when you email invoices, estimates, credit notes or a record of payments you've recorded.

There is a link to the portal in Flare's default email messages, but you can also add a link to the customer's portal when creating custom email message templates.

  For security reasons, a customer portal URL expires 30 days after the last message is sent.

What your customer sees

In the example below, we sent an invoice to a customer. When you send an email notification about an invoice, estimate, credit note or a payment you've recorded, this is what the customer sees. 


  1. First, you send a notification email. See custom email message templates for more information.

  2. The customer receives the email. Flare's default email template for invoices, estimates and credit notes contains a button link ("View or Pay" below) to the customer portal.

    Email template with link to customer portal

  3. At the customer portal, the customer can view invoice details, download a PDF, Excel file or print the invoice.

    Clicking a row opens a detailed view of the invoice:

    Selecting and viewing an invoice in the customer portal

    Invoice details:

  4. If you have configured online payments, your customers can pay invoices by selecting the invoice (1 below) and clicking the Pay Online button (2 below).

    Invoices tab:

    Selecting and paying an invoice in the customer portal

  5. The customer can print, export a PDF or download a CSV or XLSX file of invoices, estimates, payments, credit notes and the customer statement.

    Estimates tab:

    Print, PDF, Excel and Search icons

    A) print button.
    B) PDF download button.
    C) CSV/XLSX download button.
    D) Search.

    Payments tab:

    Payments tab

    Credit Notes tab:

    Credit Notes tab

    Statement tab:

    Statement tab

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