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Accept online payments (PayPal)


You can accept online payments from customers by configuring a preferred payment provider in Flare settings (you must have an account with the payment provider).

 Currently, PayPal is the only payment provider Flare supports. Others will be added in future Flare releases.

To configure online payments, do the following:

  1. Click the Settings icon (1 below) and click Online Payments in the Settings menu (2 below).


  2. Add your PayPal account email address (3 below) and select a Flare bank account you'd like online payments to be recorded to.

    Configure PayPal

  3. Click Save (4 above). To clear the configuration, click the "Clear Configuration" button (A above).

Your Customers' Experience

After configuring online payments, when you send an invoice to a customer the invoice notification email they receive will contain a link to a secure Flare customer portal where they can view statements and pay invoices through your PayPal account.

Here's the customer's experience:

  1. You send an invoice notification email from the Flare system.

  2. The customer receives the invoice notification email. Flare's default invoice notification contains a "View or Pay" button link that will take the customer to their Flare payment portal.

    Invoice notification email with Pay Now link

  3. At the payment portal, the customer can select the invoice(s) they want to pay and click "Pay Online".

    Payment portal

  4. Next, they click the PayPal "Pay Now" button and are taken to your PayPal payment page. Customers can either log in to their PayPal account or pay as a guest using their online banking, debit or credit card (circled below).

    PayPal Pay Now button

    PayPal payment page
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