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Flare accounting features


Learn how Flare cloud accounting can help you manage business finances and increase profit. Flare was created to give small business owners and freelancers the tools they need to manage everyday tasks (such as invoicing, expense tracking and transaction recording) while providing insight into financial performance.

Flare's features:

  • Accounting
    Double-entry bookkeeping that works in the background as you work in Flare. Small business owners and freelancers don't need financial management experience to use Flare and will love it for its ease of use. Accountants and bookkeepers love Flare because it has all the features they expect from a double-entry bookkeeping system.
  • Small business invoicing
    Create and send invoices quickly. Easily record payments. Get paid faster by accepting payments online.
  • Online estimates (quotes)
    Create professional estimates and send them to your customers. When the customer approves the estimate, convert it to an invoice.
  • Expense tracking
    Record bills from vendors, view vendor bill history and track payments made to vendors.
  • Business budgeting
    Create business budgets quickly then compare your budget with actual income and expenses. Flare's dashboard displays a budget vs. actual overview, or, you can view a more detailed comparison. Set goals that help your business achieve financial growth.
  • Bank reconciliation
    Reconcile your bank account transactions with the transactions you record in Flare. Flare's automated bank reconciliation makes it easy.
  • Financial dashboard
    Flare's financial dashboard is updated in real time as you work in Flare. The dashboard is just a click away and displays actionable, at-a-glance financial metrics that will help you more easily manage and understand your business finances.
  • Financial statements
    Flare's financial statements provide more insight into your business financial transactions. Use financial statements and reports to monitor performance and save time at year end. At tax time, export detailed financial statements and reports to get taxes completed quickly, efficiently and accurately. Flare's financial reports are created in the background as you perform daily tasks.
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