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Guide to help center articles (please read me)


The Flare user guide in Flare's Help Center is organized in two main categories: Getting Started, which is...uhm...a good place to get started ;-) and Using Flare which covers all aspects of using Flare.

Both Getting Started and Using Flare provide step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

About the numbered help steps

Nearly every article uses numbered steps and screenshots so you can easily follow along when you are learning about a task or feature.

List item numbers are main steps and green circled numbers, such as , in screenshots are usually sub-steps.

Numbered list items frequently combine steps, such as in the following example:

  1. Click Bank in Flare's main menu (1 below). Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the account selector (2) and click the name of the bank account (3).

    Bank in main menu

  2. Do something else.
  Note that the number two in a green circle in the screenshot example above does not relate to list item 2 in our numbered list. It is a sub-step of list item 1. Combining steps was done to prevent overly lengthy lists.

Numbered maps and keys

Red circled numbers (and sometimes letters), such as , are usually used in key maps to relate a location on a screenshot to a key that explains the item's function, such as in the following example:

  1. Year selector.
  2. Date range selector.
  3. Run report button.
  4. Export button.
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