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Taxes, tax settings overview


In Flare's Sales Tax settings you manage federal, state and payroll tax IDs, individual sales tax and sales tax groups.

To manage tax settings, do the following:

  1. In Flare's top right menu, click the Settings gear icon (1 below).


  2. Click Sales Tax in in the Settings left menu (2 above).

Tax settings key

Tax settings key

  1. Create individual sales tax.

  2. Create sales tax groups (containing 2 or more individual taxes). To create a Tax Group (to which you add 2 or more individual taxes) click the dropdown arrow circled above and click "Create Tax Group".

      Once created, individual taxes and tax groups will be available as choices when you create estimates, invoices, or bills. Sales taxes and groups can also be configured on the fly when creating estimates, invoices, and bills.
  3. Edit sales tax. Click the tax name to open the Edit Tax window, or, check the checkbox to left of the tax name and click the edit icon pencil.

  4. If you operate in a jurisdiction where you can claim a credit for sales taxes paid on purchases, check the "Recoverable tax" checkbox to enable recoverable tax. When you create a tax you can then specify the percentage to recover.

  5. Add payroll, federal, state and other Tax IDs.

  6. Save Tax ID settings.

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