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Create an invoice


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Create an invoice

To create an invoice, to the following:

  1. Click Sales > Invoices in Flare's main menu (1 and 2 below).


  2. On the invoices page, click Create Invoice (3 below). The New Invoice form opens.

    Create Invoice button

  3. From the customer dropdown menu (4 below) select or search for a customer, or, click "Add new Customer" to create a customer on the fly. Use the invoice number generated for you or create a custom invoice number by clicking the invoice settings gear icon (A below).

    Choose an invoice date (5 below), terms (6 below), and due date (7 below). To use the invoice terms for all invoices, click the star icon (B).

    New invoice

  4. Enter item information: select a product or choose "Add new Product" (8 above); enter a description (9); enter a quantity (10); enter the unit price (11); enter a discount if applicable (12); and, select a tax (13) or create a new tax on the fly by choosing "Add New Tax" from the tax dropdown menu.

  5. Enter an optional Customer Memo (14) and Internal Memo (15).
    To add more items, click Add Item (circled below). To delete an item, click the delete icon (circled below).

    Click Add Item to add another invoice item

  6. Click Save (16 above), or choose the drop down arrow on the right of the Save button and select "Save and Email", "Save and PDF" or "Save and Print".
  When you create an invoice, Flare automatically creates an associated Accounts Receivable entry. To view Accounts Receivable by customer, do the following:
    1. Click open the Account Balances menu (1 below) and click Assets (2).

      Account Balances menu

    2. Click the Accounts Receivable menu item (3) and choose Accounts Receivable (4).

  When creating an invoice, after selecting an existing customer you may edit their contact details by clicking the pencil icon beside the Customer field (1 below) and view their transaction history, including aging receivables and revenue by month over the fiscal year by clicking the person icon (2) .

Schedule a recurring invoice

To schedule a recurring invoice, do the following:

  1. Create an invoice (as above). Once the invoice is created you'll be redirected to an invoice details view.

  2. You can also do the following:

    Click Sales > Invoices (1 and 2 below) in Flare's main menu.


  3. Find the invoice you'd like to make recurring and click anywhere in the invoice's row (3 below).

    Click and invoice row

    You'll be taken to the invoice details view.

  4. Select the invoice (4 below) and click the recurring invoice icon (5 below). A schedule window will open.

    Click the recurring invoice icon

    Set the schedule of a recurring invoice

  5. In "Repeats", select Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Select a Start Date. In "Repeat by" you may choose to repeat by the Same Day of the Month - for example "1st", "3rd", "15th" etc, or by the Same Day of the Week  - for example "Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday" (6 below). In the example below, the invoice reoccurs once monthly on the 19th.

    Schedule Invoice screen

  6. If you'd like recurring invoices to be emailed to the customer automatically when Flare creates them, click the "Email invoice" checkbox (7 above) and select an email template (7 above).

      The first invoice you create when setting a recurring invoice schedule must be emailed manually. Auto-generated recurring invoices will be emailed by the Flare system if you've checked the "Email to customer" option.
  7. Enter the email address that the invoice will be mailed to. If there is an email address in the customer record, Flare will preselect. If the customer's invoice is empty you can add it the customer's record by clicking the pencil icon.

    If you'd like to receive a BCC (copy) of the invoice email that Flare sends, enter your email address in the "Send blind copy to:" field.

  8. Click Save (8 above).

You can tell if you've set an invoice to reoccur by the type of icon displayed. If an invoice is not set to reoccur, the icon has a plus sign meaning you can add a schedule. Recurring invoices have the clock icon without the plus sign. If you hover your cursor over the icon, you'll see a tooltip that displays the recurring invoice's schedule.

Clock icon without plus sign indicates recurring invoice


Delete a recurring invoice schedule

To delete a recurring invoice schedule, do the following:

  1. Click Sales > Invoices in Flare's main menu (1 and 2 below).


  2. Click any invoice to go the invoice details view (3 below).

    Click an invoice row

  3. Select the recurring invoice from the Invoices navigation (4 below) and click the schedule icon (5 below). A schedule window will open.

    Select the recurring invoice and click the clock icon

  4. Click the Delete button (6 below).

    Deleting a recurring invoice schedule

Invoice number settings

Invoice numbers are generated and incremented automatically (starting at "INV-000001") and use the prefix "INV-". By default, invoice numbers have no suffix. The invoice number scheme, prefix and suffix can be changed in invoice settings.

To change invoice number settings, do the following:

  1. Click Sales > Invoices in Flare's main menu (1 and 2 below).


  2. Click the Create Invoice button (3 below).

    Create Invoice button

  3. Click the invoice number settings gear icon (4 below).

    Invoice settings gear icon

  4. Change the invoice number prefix (5 below). Change the invoice number (6 below). If "Auto-generate invoice numbers" is checked, Flare will increment the next invoice number. Enter an invoice number suffix (7 below).

    Invoice settings

    Enter a Recurring Suffix (8 above). The Recurring Suffix will appear on the first recurring invoice generated by the Flare system.

  5. Click Save (9 above).
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