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Sales & invoice settings overview


Flare's sales settings allows you to define custom fields for invoices and edit and create payment terms.

To view sales settings, do the following:

  1. Click the Settings gear icon in Flare's top right menu (1 below) and then click Sales & Invoice > Invoice Settings (2 below) in the Settings menu.


Payment terms

Payment terms

Payment terms key

  1. Create a new payment term - Flare's default terms are Cash on Delivery, Net 30, Net 60, Net 90 and Net 120.

  2. Edit payment terms - click the name of the payment term to open the edit window, or check the checkbox to the left of a term and then click the edit icon pencil.

  3. Delete payment terms - check a checkbox (2 above) then click the delete icon (3 above).

Custom invoice fields

With Flare's custom invoice fields you can add name/value pairs that will appear on invoice PDFs (1 below). These may be used to print tax names and numbers or other ID names and numbers.

Custom invoice fields

Custom field name/value pairs will appear on invoices as shown below:

  1. Custom fields on an invoice

Invoice disclaimer and footer

You can add your own disclaimer and footer text that will appear on invoice PDFs (2 below).

Custom disclaimer and footer text

Invoice disclaimer and footer text will appear on invoice PDFs as shown below:

Disclaimer and footer text on an invoice

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