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Edit / delete sales taxes and sales tax groups


To edit sales taxes or sales tax groups, do the following:

  1. In Flare's top right menu, click the Settings gear icon (1 below) and then click Taxes (2) in the Settings left menu.


  2. In the taxes table, check the checkbox next the tax you wish to edit (3 below).

    Click the checkbox next to the tax you want to edit or delete. Click the edit or delete icon

  3. Click the edit icon (4 above) to edit the name and rate of the selected tax.

  4. Click the delete icon (5 above) to delete the selected tax or tax group.

     To delete tax groups, first you must remove individual taxes from any group to which they've been added or delete the individual taxes. When you delete individual taxes, they are still visible on transactions to which they were applied and are still available in the tax report and other relevant reports.
  5. To show deleted taxes, click the checkbox next to Show Deleted (6 above).
    Deleted taxes that have been previously applied to transactions will be displayed.
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