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Company tax settings (payroll tax, federal tax, state tax IDs, recoverable sales tax)


We recommend completing your company tax settings before you begin using Flare daily. To complete the settings, do the following.

  1. Click the Setting gear icon (1 below) located in Flare’s top right menu and click Sales Taxes (2 below) in the Settings left menu.


  2. Enable the recoverable tax option (3 below) if you can claim a credit for sales tax paid on purchases. Enter tax IDs: government payroll tax ID, federal tax ID and state tax ID (4 below).

    Enter payroll, federal and state tax IDs

  3. Click Save (5 above).

      When you enable recoverable tax, a Recoverable field is made available in the "New Tax" dialogue. Here you enter the portion of the tax that is recoverable.
    Recoverable tax

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