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Edit account groups or accounts in chart of accounts


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Edit an account group

To edit account groups or accounts within the group, do the following:

  1. In Flare's top right menu, click the Settings gear icon (1 below) and then click Chart of Accounts (2 below) in the Settings left menu.


  2. Click an account category tab and click the edit pencil icon of the account group you wish to edit (3 below). The Edit account group window will open.

    Account category tab

  3. You may edit the account group type: Assets, Liability, Equity, Revenue and Expense (4 below), or account name (5).

    Edit account group window

  4. Click Save (6 above).

Edit an account

To edit an account, do the following:

  1. Click open the account group (1 below), and click the edit icon pencil of the account within the group that you'd like to edit (2). The Edit account window will open.

    Account group

  2. You may change the account group to which the account belongs (3 below), edit the account number (4) and account name (5).

    Edit account

  3. Click the Active checkbox to activate the account. Uncheck the checkbox to deactivate (6 above).

  4. Click Save (7 above).

Delete an account group or account

You can deleted account groups and accounts as long as you haven't recorded transactions to them. To delete a group or account, do the following:

  1. Click open the account group to view accounts within (1 below). Click the delete icon (2 below) to delete the account group.

    Deleting account groups and accounts
  2. To delete an account, click the delete icon at the end of the account's row (3 above).

    If an account group or account has had transactions recorded to it, you'll receive an alert message:

    Alert message
  System accounts—accounts required by the accounting system—cannot be deleted. You'll note the absence of a delete button (1 below). System accounts are indicated by a lock icon (2). Although you can edit the name and account number of system accounts, they cannot be reassigned to another account group.

System accounts

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