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Settings overview


To access your Flare settings, click the Settings gear icon (circled below) in Flare's top menu:

Settings gear icon

Settings menu key


Use the Settings left menu to access the following:

  1. Chart of Accounts: select accounts from Assets, Liability, Equity and Expense categories. You can use Flare's default chart of accounts, but we recommend choosing your own accounts or inviting your bookkeeper to choose them for you.
  2. Banks: connect to your online banking to auto-download transactions (bank feeds).
  3. Opening Balance: businesses with past operations recorded in other accounting systems may want to enter opening balances for each account when migrating to Flare. See Migrating to Flare from other accounting systems.
  4. Sales & Invoice: configure invoices settings such as default payment terms, invoice disclaimers and footer text. Add products/services including product/service name, description and price/rate.
  5. Cash Register: create and manage shifts and cash registers used in Flare's cash register feature.
  6. Online Payments: accept online payments from customers.
  7. Sales Tax: enter your company's Federal, State and Payroll tax IDs; set up individual sales taxes and tax groups comprised of more than one tax.
  8. Import: import customer and vendor contact information.
  9. Your Account: Manage your Flare password and change your first name and last name.
  10. User Management: invite users and assign roles. You may invite your accountant or bookkeeper, employees or others to view/use your Flare account.
  11. Company Settings: upload your company logo, manage your company name, address and choose your fiscal year end month.
  12. Subscription: View and manage your Flare subscriptions. View payment history and download paid subscription invoices.
  13. Referrals: View and manage referrals and referral credits earned.
  14. Email Templates: create custom email messages for email sent from the Flare system to customers, vendors and your team.
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