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Receivables aging report


To view a report of aging receivables by customer, do the following:

  1. Click Reports in Flare’s main menu (1 below) and click the Receivables Aging tile heading (2).

    Reports in Flare's main menu

    A list of aging receivables by customer is displayed.

    List of aging receivables in Aging Receivables report

  2. Print the receivables report (3 below) or export as PDF (4), CSV, XLS or XLSX (5).

    Print Aging Receivables report

  3. Click a total due link (6 above) in a time period column (0-30, 31-60 etc.) to view a customer's receivables past due for the period. Click a link in the Total column (7) to view all of the customer’s receivables. A list of the customer's invoices with unpaid balances will be displayed.

    A list of customer's invoices with unpaid balances

  4. To view invoice details, click an Invoice link (8 above).

  5. To return to the aging receivables list, click the Back link (9 above).

View all financial reports available in Flare.

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