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Sales tax report


Flare's Sales Tax Report provides detailed information about taxes collected, tax credits on recoverable taxes, and the net amount due to tax authorities.

To view the Sales Tax Report, do the following:

  1. Click Reports in Flare's main menu (1 below) and click the Sales Tax tile heading (2).

    Click Reports in Flare's main menu then click the Sales Tax tile heading

  2. To view the tax report, choose a date range from the Date Preset (3 below) or select "Custom" from the preset and choose a From and To date (4 below). Click the Run Report button (5).

    Sales tax report

  3. To view report details, click the Details button (6 above). The detailed report displays all taxed transactions for each tax you've created (State and City tax for example).

  4. To view details of a tax, click the tax name (7 above).

  5. Print (8 below) or export a PDF (9), CSV, XLS, or XLSX file (10).

Tax details key

Tax details key

  1. The original transaction where tax was charged.
  2. Total of taxable transactions.
  3. Total tax charged on all transactions.
  4. Total tax credits if this is a recoverable tax.
  5. Net Due to tax authorities for this tax.

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