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Customer statement


The Customer Statement report allows you to view, print and export a statement of customer transactions for the current year or a selected time period. The report also provides an Aging Receivables overview and total balance due.

To view the Customer Statement report do the following:

  1. Click Reports in Flare's main menu (1 below) and click the Customer Statement tile heading (2).

    Click Reports in Flare's main menu then click the Customer Statement tile heading

  2. Select a customer (3 below), select a date range preset (4) or select "Custom" from the date preset and select From and To dates (5). Click the Run Report button (6). All transactions involving the customer are displayed including the date, type, status amount and balance due.

    Customer statement

  3. View Aging Payables in a time period (9 above) or view all of the customer receivables (10).

  4. To see the original transaction, click the transaction row (11). In the example above, clicking the transaction will open the Edit Invoice form.

  5. Print the customer transactions (7 above) or export as PDF (8).

View all financial reports available in Flare.

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