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Transaction summary (Trial Balance)


The transaction summary is a trial balance of general ledger accounts (all chart of accounts categories). The trial balance will provide a statement of all debit and credit transactions over time.

To view the transaction summary, do the following:

  1. Click Reports in Flare's main menu (1 below) then click the Transaction Summary tile heading (2).

    Click Reports in Flare's main menu then click the Transaction Summary tile heading

  2. To run a transaction summary select a date range from the Date Preset (3 below) or choose "Custom" from the preset and select a time period (4).

    Transaction summary

  3. Click the Details button (6 above) to see all transactions in each account category, or, click a category heading (7) to jump to that category in the detailed transactions list.

  4. Print the transaction summary (8 above) or export as PDF (9) or CSV, XLS, or XLSX (10) .

  5. To return to the transaction summary from the transaction details page, click the Back link (11 below).

    Transaction details
  When you print the transaction summary, the file opens in a new browser tab. Use your browser's print command to print. In Internet Explorer and Firefox select File > Print from the browser menu. In Google Chrome, open the sidebar and click Print.

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