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Apply a check to a bill or bills


If a check you are recording is a payment on a bill or bills, you can apply the check directly to the vendor's bills/accounts payable by doing the following:

  1. Click Bank in Flare's left menu (1 below) then click the account dropdown menu (2) and click a bank account name (3).

    Bank in Flare's main menu

  2. Click the dropdown arrow at the right of the Create Deposit button and click Create Check (4 below).

    Create new check window

  3. Enter a reference number (5 below). Note that the Account and Transaction Date fields are populated but can be changed if needed. Select Accounts Payable (6) and select a bill from the Select Bill window (7).
    Enter the payment amount (8).

    Apply check to more than one bill

  4. If the check applies to more than one bill, add another item by clicking Add Item(9 below). Select another bill as we did above, enter the check amount and select applicable taxes.

    Apply to more than one bill

  5. Enter an optional internal note (10 above).

  6. Click the Save button (11).
  You can also record payments made to vendors from Flare's purchases module. To do so, click Purchases in Flare's main menu (1 below), click Payments (2) and click the Create Payment button (3). For more detailed information, see Purchases > Record bill payments.

Record a payment from Purchases in Flare's main menu

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