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Apply a deposit to an invoice or invoices


If a deposit you are recording is a payment from a customer, you can apply the deposit directly to the customer’s invoices/accounts receivable by doing the following:

  1. Click Bank (1 below) in Flare’s main menu, then click the bank account dropdown menu (2) and click the name of the financial account where you’d like to record a deposit (3).

    Bank in Flare's main navigation

    The Flare bank/financial account will be displayed.

  2. Click the Create Deposit (4 below).

    Create deposit button

  3. In the deposit form, note that the account name and transaction date are populated (though they can be changed). Enter a reference number (5 below). Select Accounts Receivable as the Account category (6 below).

    New deposit form

  4. Select an invoice on the fly (7 above ) that the deposit will be applied to, enter the deposit amount (8), select or create a tax on the fly (9) or choose “non-taxable”.

  5. If the deposit applies to more than one invoice, add another item by clicking Add Item(10 below).

  6. Enter an optional internal note (11 above) and click Save(12).
  You can also record payments made by customers from Flare’s sales module. To do so, click Sales in Flare’s main menu (1 below), click Payments (2) and click the Create Payment button (3). See Sales > Record payments from customers for more information.

Record payments via Sales > Payments

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