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View a vendor's transaction history


To view a vendor's transaction history including aging payables and payments you've made to the vendor, do the following:

  1. Click Purchases > Vendors in Flare's main menu (1 and 2 below) and in the vendor table click the vendor's company name (3).

    Purchases > Vendors in Flare's main menu

  2. The vendor's transaction history will be displayed on the right.

Vendor transaction history

Vendor transaction history key

  1. Aging payables – click a past due time period (e.g. 0-30, 31-60, etc.) to view a list of payables within the time period. Click “Total” to view a list of all payables due.
  2. Click the Expenses value (circled) to view all expenses recorded for this vendor.
  3. Hover your mouse above the bar graph to view expenses for the month in the current fiscal year and previous fiscal year.
  4. Click "Last Year" to toggle the bar graph view. By default, the graph compares expenses incurred in each month of the current fiscal year with expenses incurred in the previous fiscal year. Click to view only the current fiscal year.

Action icons when viewing vendor's transaction history

When viewing a vendor's transaction history , you can take actions both on selected vendors on the left and the active vendor being viewed on the right.

Action icons when viewing vendors

Action icons key

  1. Create bill - Select a vendor on the left by checking the checkbox and click the icon to record a bill.
  2. Email vendor – Select a vendor on the left by checking the checkbox and click the email icon to compose and send an email.
  3. Search vendors by company name or contact name.
  4. Create a new vendor.
  5. Edit the active vendor's contact information.
  6. Record a bill from the active vendor.
  7. Email the active vendor.
  8. Delete the vendor.
      If the vendor has bills or payments recorded, you would have to first delete payments, then bills, then delete the vendor.
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