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Record bank transfers


When you transfer money to and from your real-world bank accounts, it's a good idea replicate those transfers in the same Flare bank accounts.

To transfer funds from one Flare bank account to another, do the following:

  1. In Flare's main menu, click Bank (1 below) and then click the accounts dropdown menu (2) and select the account (3) from which you’d like to transfer funds.

    Choose bank account

  2. Click the Transfer button (4 below).

    Bank transfer button

    A modal window will open.

  3. In the Transfer To selector, choose the account that will receive the transfer (5 below). Notice that sending account has already been pre-selected in Transfer From and the Transfer Date field is already populated with the current date.

    Make Transfer window

  4. Enter the transfer amount (6 above) without a dollar sign (Flare will automatically add one), enter an optional description (7) and click the Save button (8).

A record of the transfer is recorded as a debit in the account transferred from and as a credit in the account transferred to:

Record of transfer in account transferred from

Record of transfer in account transferred to

  When the transfer(s) are auto-downloaded in your bank feed or imported into Flare manually, you can reconcile the transaction.
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