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Create your first vendor


There are 2 ways to add vendors in Flare: from Purchases > Vendors, or when recording a bill. Let’s look at Flare’s Vendor module. See Record your first bill to learn how to add vendors on the fly when creating a bill.

To add a vendor, do the following:

  1. In Flare’s main menu, click Purchases > Vendors (1 and 2 below).

    Purchases > Vendors in main navigation

  2. Click the Create Vendor button (3 above). A modal window will open.

  3. Enter the vendor details (4 below) and click the Save button (5).

    New vendor window

The vendor will now appear in the vendor dropdown when you record a bill.

To view a list of all vendors, their bills and balances owing:

  1.  Click Purchases > Vendors in Flare’s main menu.

  2. Click a company name link from the Vendor list (1 below) to view a vendor’s transaction history, or, click the filter icon (2) to search for a vendor by company name or contact name.

    Vendor list

    Vendor table list

    Vendor transaction history

    Vendor transaction history

To take actions on the active vendor record, click an icon at the top of the vendor transaction overview page (the right side of the page shown above).

Action icons

  1. Edit the vendor’s record (company name, name, phone, email etc.).
  2. Record a new bill from this vendor.
  3. Email the vendor.
  4. Delete the vendor.
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