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View imported bank transactions


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View imported transactions in a Flare bank account

To view all imported bank transactions, do the following:

  1. Click Bank in Flare's main menu (1 below), click the accounts dropdown menu (2) and click the name of the Flare bank account you'd like like to view (3).

    Bank in Flare's main menu

  2. To view all imported bank transactions, click the Reconcile button (4 below).

    Reconcile button

    By default, Flare displays unreconciled transactions with Bank transactions on the left and book transactions (Flare bank accounts) on the right.

  3. To view all imported transactions, regardless of their reconciliation status, click the Clear Filter link (shown below).

    To sort by Status (Reconciled, Unreconciled or Ignored), click the Status column header (5 below). "U" denotes unreconciled transactions, "R" denotes reconciled transactions, and "I" denotes ignored transactions.

    Unreconciled transactions

      The status of newly imported transactions will always be "Unreconciled" until you reconcile or ignore the transactions. See Bank reconciliation for more information.
  4. To close the reconciliation window and return to the Flare bank account transactions, click the close icon (6 below).

    Close bank reconciliation button

Viewing imported transactions from the Bank Reconciliation Summary report

The Bank Reconciliation Summary report allows you to view unreconciled or unmatched transactions by statement date or preset time periods throughout the fiscal year.

To view the bank reconciliation summary for each Flare bank/financial account, click Reports (1 below) in Flare's main menu, then click the Bank Reconciliation Summary tile heading.

Bank reconciliation summary

For more detailed information see Reports > Bank Reconciliation Summary.

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