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Migration checklist


If you are migrating to Flare from another accounting system and want a seamless transition—including the same chart of accounts, a record of receivable and payable balances by customer and vendor, and accurate account balances, complete the following migration steps.

  1. Choose a conversion date.
  2. Run a trial balance in your previous account system.
  3. Choose chart of acccounts.
  4. Create sales tax.
  5. Record accounts receivables.
  6. Record accounts payables.
  7. Enter remaining opening balances except receivables and payables into Flare's opening balance form.
  8. Define your fiscal year.
 You can begin using Flare right away and complete these migration steps any time. Although migration may seem involved, it's only done once. You may also invite your account or bookkeeper to use Flare so you can get assistance with migration.
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