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Reverse or unreconcile bank reconciliation actions


As soon as a reconciliation action is taken (Match, Add New, or Ignore) the transaction is removed from the list of unreconciled transactions. You can easily reverse any action taken by following these steps:

  1. Click Bank in Flare’s left menu (1 below), click open the accounts dropdown menu (2) and choose an account (3).

    Bank in Flare's main menu

  2. Click the Reconcile button (4 below).

    Reconciliation button

    By default Flare displays all unreconciled transactions.

  3. Click the filter icon (5 below).

    Filter icon

  4. Click the Status tab, and check the checkboxes next to Reconciled, Ignored or both (7 below). You may also click the Clear Filter link (shown above) to view all transactions.

    Status tab in filter

  5. Click Apply (8 above). In this example, a list of all reconciled and ignored transactions will be displayed.

  6. Flare suggests the reversal action (9 below). Click an action button to reverse the action.

    Reversing reconciliation actions individually

    In the example above, we are restoring a transaction we previously ignored and unmatching a transaction we previously matched.

    You may also batch reverse actions as you’ll see below.

  7. To batch reverse an action, check the checkboxes next to reconciled or ignored transactions you'd like to reverse (10 below).

    Batch reversing reconciliation actions

  8. Click the Batch Actions dropdown menu and click the desired reversal action (11 above). In the example above, Unmatch is available as an action. Actions that are not available to the selected transactions appear as greyed out in the dropdown menu.
  To Ignore previously matched transactions, first you must choose Unmatch, filter by unreconciled transactions, find the transaction and choose Ignore as the action.
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