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Navigation in Flare




  1. Main menu - most actions that affect your Flare financial accounts are accessed through the main menu (invoices, bills, payments, adjustments). You'll also find adjustments, budgeting and reports.

  2. Dashboard - helpful overviews of your company's finances – financial charts and graphs are updated in real time and never more than a click away.

  3. Company name/company selector, account settings, log out, full screen, toggle right menu.

  4. Account balances menu.

Here is the top navigation in detail:

Top right navigation


  1. Expand to select a company or add a company.
  2. Flare account settings.
  3. Log out.
  4. Go full screen (click Esc to exit full screen).
  5. Toggle open or closed the right navigation (account balances menu) sidebar.

The left menu, Flare's main menu, is where you'll spend most of your time, creating invoices/bills, recording payments, creating budgets and viewing bank/financial accounts.

Flare's main navigation (left menu)


  1. Show/hide left menu.
  2. View the dashboard.
  3. View or add financial accounts (petty cash, checking, savings, and credit card accounts).
  4. View transactions by customer, create invoices and estimates, record invoice payments.
  5. View transactions by vendor, create bills, record bill payments.
  6. + sign indicates sub-items. Toggle open/close.
  7. Make adjustment entries.
  8. View, create/edit budgets.
  9. View, print, export, financial reports.
  10. Collapse left menu to icon-based navigation.

Account balances menu (right menu)

Flare's account balances menu (right menu) provides an at-glance-view of Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, and Expense account and sub-account balances.

Account balances navigation (right menu)


  1. Toggle menu open/closed.
  2. Click to view asset accounts.
  3. Total balance.
  4. Click to view sub accounts and their balances.

To view Accounts Receivables by customer, click Assets > Accounts Receivable.
To view Accounts Payables by vendor, click Liabilities > Accounts Payable.

Action icon buttons

Throughout Flare, you'll see icons that you may already be familiar with from using other applications:

Action icons


  1. Email selected.
  2. Print
  3. Delete selected.
  4. Export as CSV, XLS, XLSX.
  5. Export PDF.
  6. Filter - depending on where you are in Flare, you can filter by date range, customer name, vendor name, status

In some cases, icons will appear as greyed out (disabled) until a selection is made.

Disabled (greyed out) action icons:
Action icons disabled until selection made

Action icons enabled after a selection is made:
Action icons enabled after selection is made

Throughout Flare, data is presented in table format. When table columns are sortable (either alphabetically, numerically, or by date, a sort icon appears next to the column heading (circled below):

Table column sort icon

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