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Create bank accounts / financial accounts


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When you first register for Flare, only two bank accounts are created automatically: Petty Cash and Cash in Registers. You must create other financial accounts like Checking, Savings, Credit Card, Investment accounts and others (mimicking your real-world accounts) where you will record your business's transactions.

Create a bank/financial account

To create a bank or financial account in Flare, do the following:

  1. Click Bank in Flare's main menu (1 below).

    Add bank account button

  2. Click the Account dropdown menu (2 above) and click the Add new account link (3). The Add new account window opens.

  3. Enter an account number and account name (4 below).

    Add new account window

  4. Click the Save button (5 above).
  You may also create bank accounts via Chart of Accounts. Click Settings (top menu gear icon) > Chart of Accounts > Cash & Bank.

Disable, edit, delete bank accounts

To disable a Flare bank account, do the following:

  1. Click the Settings icon in Flare's top menu (1 below).

    Bank accounts in Chart of Accounts

  2. Click Chart of Accounts in the Settings left menu (2 above) and toggle open Cash & Bank by clicking the "+” sign (3).

  3. To deactivate the account, uncheck the checkbox in the Account's active field (4) below.

    Activate, edit, delete icon

  4. To edit the account click the pencil icon (5 above). Editing allows you to change the account group, account name and account number.

  5. To delete the account, click the delete icon (6 above).

      You cannot delete a bank/financial account to which you've recorded transactions. If you no longer wish to use the account and want it hidden from the accounts dropdown, disable it instead.
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