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With Flare, you can record multiple expenses from a vendor to a Flare bank account without the need for recording individual bills and payments.

See how to:

Record expenses

To create expenses, do the following:

  1. In Flare's main menu, click "Purchases> Expenses" and click the "Create Expense" button (1, 2 and 3 below).



  2. Choose a vendor name from the "Name" dropdown menu, or, click "Add new Vendor" (4 below).


      When creating a Vendor, "Name" is the only required field though it's a good idea to complete contact information and email address.
  3. Click the "Pay from" dropdown menu and choose the Flare bank account in which to record the deposit, and select a date from the "Expense Date" dropdown menu (5 below).


  4. Enter a product or service name in the Product name field (6 below), enter an optional description (7 below), select a chart of accounts category to record the expense to from the Category dropdown (8 below), and enter an Amount (9 below).


  5. From the "Tax" dropdown menu, select a tax or click "Add new tax" (10 below). For more information about creating taxes see the Help article "Create Sales Tax & Sales Tax Groups".


    To add another line item, click "Add item" (circled below).


  6. Enter an optional description (11 below).


  7. Click "Save" or click the "Save" dropdown and select "Save and Email", "Save and Print" or "Save and PDF" (12 below).


Email expenses

To email a record of expenses, do the following:

  1. Click "Purchases > Expenses" in Flare's main menu (1 and 2 below).


  2. Click a checkbox of expenses you'd like to email and click the email icon (3 and 4 below).


  3. Type a "To" email address and hit the enter key (5 below). Click "CC" or "BCC" to enter CC or BCC email addresses (6 below). Enter an email Subject or use the default subject (7 below), and check the "Attachment" checkbox to attach a PDF of the expenses (8 below).


      The "From:" address can't be changed. Emails come from the Flare system email address.

  4. Choose an expense email template from the "Template Name" dropdown or use the default expense system template (9 below). Compose the email or use the default expense message (10 below).


    When composing your own message, insert placeholders by clicking the cursor in the message at the point you'd like a placeholder to appear. Click the "Insert Placeholder" dropdown (11 below) and select a placeholder.


    For more information on creating your own email message templates, see the Help article "Email Templates".

  5. Click the "Send" button (12 below) or click "Cancel".


View expenses, edit expenses

View expenses

To view expenses, do the following:

  1. Click "Purchases > Expenses" in Flare's left menu (1 and 2 below).


    A table of expenses is displayed.

  2. Check a checkbox of an expense (3 below) and click an action icon (4 below). Actions from left to right are: email expenses, edit expenses, print expenses, PDF expenses, delete expenses, export expenses (as CSV, XLS, XLSX), search expenses.


  3. To view expense details, click an expenses row (5 below).


  4. The expense details view will open, displaying a list of expenses on the left. Click an expense in the left navigation (6 below) and it will be displayed on the right.


  5. To choose an action for an expense, click a checkbox (7 below) and click an action icon above the expenses navigation (8 below). From left to right, actions include: email, search and "More" (edit, print, export as PDF, export as CSV, XLS, XLSX).


  6. Alternatively, you can choose an action for the expense being viewed (9 above).

Edit expenses

To edit expenses, do the following:

  1.  Click "Purchases > Expenses" in Flare's left menu (1 and 2 below).


  2. Check a checkbox of the expense you'd like to edit (3 below) and click the edit pencil icon (4 below).


  3. Alternatively, click an expense row to view the expense details (5 below).


    Then, click an expense in the left navigation (6 below) to load the expense details in the right pane. Click the edit pencil icon above the receipt (7 below).


  4. You may edit any aspect of the expense (8 below). Note that Flare tracks the original amount and the net change if you enter new expense line items or edit existing amounts (green outline below).


  5. Click "Save" or click the Save button dropdown and choose "Save & Email", "Save & Print" or "Save & PDF" (9 above).

Expense number settings

Flare automatically numbers expense records beginning with "EX-000001". By default, Flare auto-increments expense record numbers and uses a default prefix "EX-". You can change the expense number settings.

To change expense number settings do the following:

  1. Click "Purchases > Expenses" in Flare's main menu (1 and 2 below).


  2. Click the "Create Expenses" button (3 below).


  3. Click the expense number settings gear icon (4 below). The Expense number settings form opens.


  4. You may enter your own prefix (5 below), an Expense # for the current expense record (6 below) and an optional suffix (7 below). If you would like Flare to auto-increment expense record numbers, check the auto-increment checkbox (8 below). Click "Save" (9 below).


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